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Encrust do not care if they hurt the feelings of genre purists. In fact, they seem to enjoy it. The Chicago quintet merges a wealth of extreme styles seamlessly on its debut album, From Birth To Soil, available September 25 via Density Records. Siphoning guttural growls through thunderous riffs and an extreme percussive stomp, the group—Chris Angelucci [vocals], Luke Tobias [guitar], Ryan Kasparian [guitar], Jeremy Pyrzynski [bass], and Brian Kutanovski [drums]—pummels unlike anyone else on the scene.

The bassist describes this enigmatic sound best. "It runs the gamut from thrash to Southern rock," he affirms. "We take traditional elements and interpret them in our own way. We're not afraid to do whatever we want. We've got a ton of influences, and everyone's little nuances and quirks come through. Think of it like this: if five death metal dudes decided to play sludge, this would be what you get."

Encrust formally came together in May 2010. As he was driving home from work one night, Pyrzynski received a call from a friend suggesting he hit the studio with the band to record a three-song demo. Able to not only learn the material on the fly, but also to add his ideas, the chemistry proved instantaneous and inimitable. "I got to the studio at 11pm that night, and I was there until 8am," he recalls with a laugh. "Everyone just clicked, and we were able to go for it. All of us have played in technical heavy bands so this was a breath of fresh air because the riffs can resound and we don't have to over think anything. It's very natural."

You can hear it loud and clear on From Birth To Soil, produced by Andrew Ragin [The Atlas Moth] and co-mixed and mastered by James Murphy [Testament, Death, Obituary] over the course of 2011. The opening track "Predatory Skin" steamrolls with speed metal grit before crashing into a staggering groove, while "Traitor Internal" culminates on a chilling and blood-curdling wail. "That's actually the eleven- year-old niece of our good friend screaming into a guitar cabinet microphone," reveals Pyrzynski. "It almost sounds like a gunshot and a child crying all at once."

This infectious intensity also remains a pillar of the band's live shows. They've shared the stage with the likes of everyone from Red Fang and Corrosion of Conformity to Goatwhore and Exhumed, and the result is always high-energy and high-emotion. Some have even described it as unsettling. "Here's an example," smirks Pyrzynski. "Chris broke his hand punching Ryan in the head because that's what they do live. They get wild, and it's always unpredictable—even for the rest of us on stage." That uncontainable energy was one of many things that attracted Density Records to Encrust in April 2012. Another facet is the deeper mystique to the music encapsulated in the album title itself. Vocalist and lyricist Chris Angelucci continues, "The title points to the inevitable end we must all face. As animals with conscience and reasoning, we are terribly aware of our own mortality. We're born in a horrible ritual of fluid and confusion and know we will more than likely leave this world in the same manner. Our selfish and destructive actions are all in reaction to this knowledge. The cycle renews unending, our bones nourish the Earth; From Birth to Soil."

In addition, the individuals remain entrenched in the local community and scene. Luke is a featured chef at legendary burger joint Kuma's Corner, profiled on Food Network. Ryan and Chris own and operate a graphic design business and together design all the group's artwork.

At the end of the day, there's a crucial catharsis at the heart of Encrust. "It's a release," Pyrzynski concludes. "Our relief from the monotony of daily, civilized life is to create, rather than give in to the destructive impulses inherent in the human animal. We save those for when we are on stage, and if others can tap into that, then we've accomplished more than we could have ever hoped."

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